Memetic ChangeThis: Jonathan Salem Baskin is a good example of a site set up to accomplish memetic branding.

I introduce Social Capital Value Add in its 50th issue and have hightlighted the other new ideas from Seth Godin, John Kotter, Jonathan Salem Baskin, Vince Procente and Andrew Abela in this post on

In particular, I wanted to bring your attention to the release by Jonathan Salem Baskin.  I have only had a quick look, but the points he makes seem to be aligned with the ideas of memetic brand.

From the ChangeThis blog …

10 Rules for Branding In a Post Branded World by Jonathan Salem Baskin

“We live in the twilight of a branded world born over 100 years ago.

Most marketing remains blinded by the fading glare of its old, outdated promises.

Yet there is a new approach to brands ahead of us, based upon a definition that is less about static image and imagined identity, and more about real-time interaction and actual involvement between company and consumer.

This is your Manifesto for making branding work in a post-branded world.”

Click here to visit the site.
Click here to download the PDF.

Jonathan & I are both urgently trying to bring your attention to the burning platform that is traditional brand management. I have added his “Dim Bulb” blog to my blogroll.

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