Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing Conference 2008

Where r we @ CMA

In prep for leading the Social Marketing round table at last week’s Canadian Marketing Association Digital Marketing Conference I asked “What are the top three topics of discussion in social media today?” on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I received about 35 responses within a few days, with over 85 references to topics. Over 30 responses came from LinkedIn within 24 hours from all over the USA. The main issues were reflected as we went around the table at the conference.

Keep in mind that the folks on Twitter & tuned into LinkedIn answers are probably a little further along the adoption curve wrt social marketing than most.

In theory they might have blinders on … be more optimistic about how far along in adoption we are wrt to social media.

However, I think the responses indicates that it is still early days.  There were 23 references to obtaining internal buy-in for the adoption of social marketing and almost as many (21) for demonstrating ROI and measurement.  Aren’t these really the same thing?  All about getting the folks at the top to see the value proposition.

We have moved beyond the early innovators. That is good news. But we are still a bunch of early adoptors trying to make the case to the early majority.

That is what Social Capital Value Add is all about.

The tsunami of mass adoption is still ahead.

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