John Gaynard on Creativity & Innovation

Here is a recommended post from John Gaynard’s engagement with the UK’s Open University Business School …

national cultures manage to show the same signs of difference from each over the centuries. For example, Philippe d’Iribarne who studied French, Dutch and American factories of the same American company then wrote a book called “The Logic of Honour” in which he demonstrated quite well (or at least to my satisfaction) that French people continued to demonstrate in the 20th century the same logic of honor that was seen at Agincourt and Crecy. The Dutch have managed to transmit to each other for centuries the love of consensus for which they are well known and admired. And what seems to motivate American and British working cultures is the search for a “fair deal”. You can learn more about d’Iribarne’s recent research at this page:

Links to Susan Blackmore & and relevant NYT article too.  Check it.

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