Natural Selection in network emergence

I have also posted this with some comments over at because it is a great discussion of how network thinking is emerging as a dominant form in the 21st century.

From about the 3:38 point in the video to 7:30 Barabási and Fowler have a focused discussion on the differences between social & tech networks and the role of natural selection in the formation & structure of social networks.

These are four highly recommended minutes for anyone working towards the understanding of memetic brand.

Hat tip to Valdis Krebs for sharing this item and these related links:

The genes in your congeniality:  Researchers identify genetic influence in social networks.

The PDF of the full paper. The Seed Salon

The transcript is here.

Metatrends from Trends 2009 Reports by Trainspotting

I highly recommend heading over to Trendsspotting’s post featuring their series of reports on trends in social media, mobility, online marketing, consumer influencers and IT & tech by many of the biggest online gurus.

You can quick grab the reports from these links too:

1. Social Media Influencers Predictions 2009 By TrendsSpotting [Size : 1.68MB]

2. Influencers On Mobile 2009 -2020 Predictions By Trendsspotting [Size : 881 KB ]

3. Influencers On Online Marketing 2009 By Trendsspotting [Size : 798 KB ]

4. Consumer Influencers 2009 Trends from Trendsspotting [Size : 823 KB ]

5. Influencers On IT & Tech Trends By TrendsSpotting [Size : 1.35 MB ]

As I flip through them, here are the predictions that resonate with me:

1. On Social Media:  Todd Defren at notes “The tipping point has not only not been reached, but could still tilt away from social media.”   Web 2.0 Swan Song? captures the fear that I have expressed along these lines and a call to change how we frame social media’s value proposition.  Back in early November 2008, I did some quick & dirty asking around for a social marketing round table that I led at the Canadian Marketing Association’s Digital Marketing Conference and found that we are clearly very early in the social media adoption curve.  Most of the other predictions evolve out of this point I believe.  Social media has yet to transform the traditional corporation.  Everyone is feeling the info overload of this massive change therefore the “back to basics” and simplification calls (which are no more than wishful thinking).

2. On mobility (by 2020): “Augmented reality will automate recognition of real world objects …”, Jason Stoddard, Managing Director of Centric/Agency of Change.  At PlanetEye, I began to think of the world as having a “media atmosphere”.  I just googled “media atmosphere” with no results that coincide to this idea.  Anywhoo, the eventual effect of mobility and geotagging media is that there will be virtual graffiti everywhere or in other words, media artifacts attached to all physical space … this is another factor elimating the gap between virtual and so-called “real” world.

3. Online Marketing 2009: “the move beyond CPM starts to actually happen, after years of CPA type predictions.  Related, a stunning new metric will emerge that accurately determines the success of media properties beyond mere page views.” Richard MacManus, Alleluia!  If you think Social Capital Value Add is a possible contenter then help out please!

4. Consumer Trends 2009:  Most of the experts seem to be pointing to the intersection of bad economic times & personal reactions to bad times.  It seems like a sound strategic basis when you consider something like the Lipstick Index.  What occurs to me here is the huge contrast between the quarterly driven “right now” predictions of the advertising “consumer” trend folks versus the others who are focused on catching the value of long term changes in markets.  I.e. sales vs. value creation.  My hat tip here goes to Dr. Taly Weiss, the founder of Trendspotting, not only for pulling together these easy to flip through reports, but for finally making me go and look up what the hell MoSoSo stands for and her great “needs focused” predictions on Slide 10 – worth the visit.

5. IT & Tech Trends:  This is a deeper dive and spans consumer & enterprise tech … so not so easy to come up with the meta-trend, but I will take a shot anyways … the resilence of “green” concern will surprise businesses.  Corporate thinking traditionally would go something like  this … oil is dropping to $40 a barrel or less so when energy prices are no longer a pain in the consumers’ butt, this preoccupation with “green” is going to go away.  Not so this time because “green” is tapped into the now accepted threat of global warming and a broader set of frustrations/expectations/demands for the breakthroughs in productivity that can come across private enterprises & government through broadband enablement (i.e. data portability, social media, semantic web).