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Michael Cayley is an entrepeneur, consultant and former CEO.  He is the author of “Introducing Social Capital Value Add” and in addition to www.memeticbrand.com, he hosts the blog www.socialcapitalvalueadd.com.

He greets possibilities with a Beginner’s Mind.  You should connect with him through this blog or the channels below.

When Michael started leading his first social media company through collaborations with Rogers Media, MTV (USA) and Urth.TV, “podcast” had yet to become Oxford’s word of the year. Try it on a Google search now.

Before the Web 2.0 buzz, as VP of ClickIQ.com, Michael worked with Gateway Computer, Dorel Juvenile Products, Johnson & Johnson and Energizer recognizing the significant changes clients face in adopting the web as an application platform and following through to ensure positive results.

Michael pursued a five year career in China through the cross-disciplinary Asia Pacific Management Program, at the McRae Institute for International Management in Vancouver, British Columbia.  His early fascinations with mediums and social dynamics (the preoccupations of every teenage concert promoter) first became the subject of his studies at Canada’s only degree granting undergraduate program in Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He developed Social Capital Value Add as his MBA thesis in Paris in 2007.

In 2009, Michael was tapped by a former professor of his to design and teach one of the first full time post graduate level social media courses in Canada.  He works with public and private sector clients determining the right social media and organizational change strategies for them.

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